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Jessica Alba Net Worth: ‘Fantastic Four’ Actress Overthrows Beyonce

Fans of the ‘Fantastic Four’ Actress, Jessica Alba has reason to celebrate. Alba, 34, is now a certified billionaire, even surpassing the highest-earning female celebrity Beyonce. Her Honest company earned $250 million in revenue since it was incepted in 2012. Today, it is valued at $1.7 billion.

The star of James Cameron’s sci-fi TV series, “Dark Angel” is now the richest self-made women in the US. Alba’s Honest company offering environmentally-friendly household products totaling to 120 has made her net worth grow substantially to $350 million. She is now considered richer than Beyonce, who has a fortune of $250 million.

In their official website, the actress who appeared in “Little Fockers,” states that their company aims to help moms and children have a better start.

“When I became a mom, I finally became the person I am, that I always should have been,” the Golden Globe-nominated actress says. “It’s the most satisfying job in the world. But, it can also be overwhelming and confusing. I created The Honest Company to help moms and to give all children a better, safer start.”

According to International Business Times, her business was motivated by her role as a mother. Being a mother to two kids, Honor, 7 and Haven, 4 with husband Cash Warren, the “Sin City” actress claims motherhood made her focus her priorities to her children. She feels the need to create the safest, loving and healthiest environment for her family.

The actress-turned entrepreneur, who owns about 15 to 20% of the company, oversees the marketing and brand development of the company. According to Forbes, Alba is a self-made American who at an early age has made her net worth grew at a different industry other than acting or music.

Alba was spotted spending vacation with her husband, and two children in Mexico in the middle of this month. Jessica and Cash married in May 2008, after meeting on set of “Fantastic Four” four years earlier.

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Welcome Back!

As I’m sure many of you know recently the wonderful and amazing host shut down, I just want to take a minute to acknowledge how much I love and appreciate everything that Gertie,Annie,Luciana and everyone else at the forums did over the 5 years I was hosted at fan-sites.It was truly a shock when I got the email and I was devastated not only to lose the hosting service but also the wonderful community I was part of.With that being said I also want to express my gratitude to for accepting and transferring my sites over to their serves. If not for them I wouldn’t be involved in fan sites anymore and all my hard work over the years would have been lost so I’m very thankful that Flaunt was so helpful and supportive to me and everyone else they’ve helped out.:) Updates will be coming soon promise.

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Gallery Update – Public Events

Whats this? Actual updates lol its been to long,I almost forgot how to do this.

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