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New themes/Candids Update

The gallery and main site both have new layouts that I’m in love with right now! Right now I’m trying to re-vamp all of my sites and after that updates will be more regular.

Added a bunch of pics of Jessica from the 17th and 18th.

Gallery Links
– Candids > 2011 > February 17th – Out In Beverly Hills
– Candids > 2011 > February 17th – Out With Honor
– Candids > 2011 > February 18th – Out And About In Santa Monica

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Site Note

Once again I am sorry for not updating in a few days but with Christmas so close I’ve been really busy with work and trying to finish my shopping and I think I’m pretty much done right now so my goal for Tuesday and Thursday is to update all my sites because obviously I won’t be able to for a couple days.

Just wanted to let everyone know what was going on:)

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New Layout!

As you see we have a beautiful new layout here at Jessica Daily.This layout was created by Forgotten Fairytales Inc! Its lovely and I hope you guys adore it as much as I do!

I’m trying to do updates at all 3 of my sites since the next few days are gonna be kinda hectic and crazy so check back later on because I really want to add the new pictures of Jessica.If I don’t do it tonight I probably won’t have time until Friday night or Saturday.

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Happy Halloween!

Just wanted to say Happy Halloween to everyone! This is the first year my nieces will be going trick or treating so there won’t be any updates today because I’m going to be really busy.

I hope you all have a great,fun filled day and be safe when your out and about tonight:)

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Shameless Plug

Updates coming in just a few minutes but first I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve opened my brand new fansite!


I’m a huge fan of Sarah Michelle Gellar and I’m so excited to have the site so please visit and let me know what you think! 🙂