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Temporary Theme & New Candids

As you can see I put up a summery new theme here,sorry about the maintenance mode for so long.The gallery has been updated with pretty new candids.:)

Gallery Links
Candids > 2012 > May 16th – At Kitson In Hollywood
Candids > 2012 > May 17th – Out In Hollywood
Candids > 2012 > May 18th – Out In Beverly Hills
Candids > 2012 > May 18th – Going To Her Office In Santa Monica

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Gallery Update and New Layouts

I added mq photos of Jessica visiting SiriusXM and at the Launch Event for, I’ll upload hq’s and the missing candids some time this weekend.

Also as you can see the main site features a pretty new theme and the galley theme has also been changed.Hope you all like them!

Gallery Links
Public Appearance > 2012 > Jessica Launches Honest.Com
Public Appearance > 2012 > Visiting SiriusXM

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Happy Holidays!

I really wanted to get one last update done before the weekend but I’ve been super busy and its been hectic so I just wanted to say Happy Holidays to everyone and hope you all have a wonderful and safe Christmas! Updates will resume next week and thank you all for visiting Jessica Daily! There’s much more to come:)

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Big Gallery Update And New Layout

Sorry again that updates have been lacking, its been a little difficult for me to get back into my sites after Thanksgiving and being sick.I have a big gallery update of about 250 photos of Jessica out and about and attending a couple of new events!

As you can see I also changed the layout again,lol I think this theme is so gorgeous and professional looking I definitely like it better then that last.And it was created by the talented

Gallery Links
Public Appearances > 2011 > Splendid Store Opening In Santa Monica
Public Appearances > 2011 > March Of Dimes 6th Annual Celebration Of Babies Luncheon
Candids > 2011 > November 26th – Out In Los Angeles
Candids > 2011 > November 29th – Out In Beverly Hills
Candids > 2011 > November 30th – Getting Coffee In Los Angeles
Candids > 2011 > December 4th – Shopping In Beverly Hills

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! I had wanted to do last minute updates at all my sites but I just didn’t have the time.I hope you all have a happy and safe holiday with your family and friends!

Updates will resume this weekend Saturday or Sunday:)

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October 17th & 19th Candids Plus New Gallery Theme

Jessica was spotted at a pumpkin patch with Honor and Haven again and also out and about in Brentwood, I added HQ photos to the gallery and also put up a brand fallish (lol) theme! Hope you all like it!

Gallery Links
Candids > 2011 > October 17th – With Daughters At Pumpkin Patch
Candids > 2011 > October 19th – Out And About In Brentwood

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Mini Vacation

Hey guys I meant to post this earlier but my mom took a week off from work and it was suppose to be next week but got moved to this week and so we’ve had a lot of fun things to and I just didn’t have the time to get online to let everyone know.

I’ll get all caught up on what I’ve missed these past few days probably Saturday or Sunday night possibly Monday lol sorry!

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New Layout + Candids

As you can see we have a GORGEOUS new layout here at Jessica Daily.Well worth the wait yes? This stunning look was created by Nelson and I’m so excited that I can introduce the new look here.

I also changed the gallery look to the default theme so I can put a new theme up there later on.And now on to the gallery additions…

Gallery Links
– Candids > 2011 > June 26th – Shopping In Brentwood
– Candids > 2011 > June 30th – Out With Honor
– Candids > 2011 > July 2nd – At Malibu Country Mart
– Candids > 2011 > July 6th – At Nail Salon In Beverly Hills

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I’m so sorry about not updating! My life has been a little crazy and now its Easter weekend so updates will probably be made on Monday! Sorry.Happy Easter Everyone!