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New Themes & Small Picture Update

Hey guys! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, I apologize for the lack of updates here but as I’m sure you can imagine I’ve been super busy. So first off we have beautiful new themes and in the gallery designed by Kaci with the header edited by me. And secondly I have a small gallery update just to get things back on track here.

Gallery Links
Public Appearance > 2016 > Laduree Store Opening At The Grove

Looking For Co-Web

Hey guys! So first I want to apologize for the lack of updates, I only have a few days out of the
week when I have free time to jump online and work on fan sites. Secondly I would like to announce that I’m looking for 1 or 2 co-webs for both of my bigger fan sites.

I’ve been working on fansites for about 12-13 years now and every other day I just feel like its getting time to leave this part of my life behind. I have so many goals and things I want to accomplish in life and this voice in my head is saying get to it and put 1000% focus on that.

I’ve had my Jessica Alba fansite for 6 years now and I’ve been a fan of hers for about 14 years now so its incredibly difficult for me after all the time,money and effort I’ve put into the site to just put it up for adoption or delete it and I’ve had my Kim Kardashian fansite for almost 4 years and that is also difficult for me to just let go.

So basically my plan right now is to find a couple of people who have real interest in Jessica and Kim who can join me on the sites , we work together for a few months and then I will feel sooo much better about leaving them behind because I know they will be in good hands. I can either pass the domains over to you or to flaunt ( Both sites are hosted by flaunt ).

So if your interested in applying to co-web at either site the only requirement is that you have fan site experience, would prefer people with sites currently online so I can just get an idea of how you run things but its not required. So if your interested just send me an email at so we can talk a bit. 🙂

Welcome Back!

As I’m sure many of you know recently the wonderful and amazing host shut down, I just want to take a minute to acknowledge how much I love and appreciate everything that Gertie,Annie,Luciana and everyone else at the forums did over the 5 years I was hosted at fan-sites.It was truly a shock when I got the email and I was devastated not only to lose the hosting service but also the wonderful community I was part of.With that being said I also want to express my gratitude to for accepting and transferring my sites over to their serves. If not for them I wouldn’t be involved in fan sites anymore and all my hard work over the years would have been lost so I’m very thankful that Flaunt was so helpful and supportive to me and everyone else they’ve helped out.:) Updates will be coming soon promise.

New Themes

Beautiful new Site and Gallery themes designed by!


Barely Lethal Trailer & Welcome Back

Can’t apologize enough for the huge lack of updates the past few months, my real life got a bit crazy for a bit but I am re-focused and working hard on getting caught up on all the missing updates.

New Layouts & Gallery Updates

Hey everyone! Its been awhile since I’ve posted even though I have made updates to the gallery, I felt like it was time for a change so I put up new themes here, in the gallery and the video archive. The site and gallery themes are premades designed by Ray and visit the Video Archive to check out the new theme.

I’m still tweaking a few things around the site so some links may not work just yet.


Updates Coming

🙂 check back soon

Jessica Daily Video Archive Now Open!

Hey guys I’ve spent the past few days working on getting a video archive site set up and I decided to go ahead and open it up even though its nowhere near complete. Right now your mostly just gonna find videos related to Sin City: A Dame To Kill For but I will continue to add videos 🙂


New Press Archive & Tumblr

Hey guys! I created a tumblr account and a press archive that you should check out. The press archive doesn’t have much just yet but you can head over and take a look by clicking HERE and if you have a tumblr account make sure to follow Jessalbadaily!

New Themes & Still here!

Oh my goodness it has been way to long since I’ve updated the site and I know I keep saying that but I really do love working on Jessica Daily and I adore Jessica. I’ve been a fan of her’s for what seems most of my life lol and I realized that in a few months Jessica Daily will be celebrating 4 years online! I put of new themes here and in the gallery that were designed by Ray. I also added a few miscellaneous pictures to the gallery and more updates are coming soon.

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